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Boston, MA
View profile »Barbara Kilario (Franko)
Oviedo, FL
View profile »Donna Rainbolt (French)
Vienna, VA
View profile »Margaret Jernstedt (Fulwiler)
Hanover, NH
Soon after I graduated from Chatham College, Chris Jernstedt and I married. We lived in Baltimore in Johns Hopkins housing while I attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work and worked with unwed mothers and TB patients at City Hospital… more »
Aguanga, CA
View profile »Liz Donovan (Gallison)
IN MEMORY. 2-24-2011
LEEUWARDEN, Netherlands, Friesland
Vienna, VA
Was traveling out of the country and surely regret missing the reunion. Attended UVA and GW in engineering after graduating from WL. Married in 66 to Susan Armentrout (class of 63). Needed a job and accidentally fell into an IBM programming slot at GW … more »
View profile »Virginia Newman (Garrett)
IN MEMORY. 6/12/2011
View profile »Kathy Edwards (Gatchell)
Ashburn, VA
View profile »Kay Yost (Ghiglione)
Missoula, MT
Lakewood, CA
Survived & Retired.
View profile »Nannette Ryerson (Glidden)
Akron, OH
View profile »Lindsay Woodel (Gold)
Providence, RI
View profile »Bonnie Enriquez (Goldblatt)
Rock Hill, SC
Danville, CA
I began college after W-L, but I didn't last a semester. My parents told me not to come home, but they relented long enough to permit me to pack, then enlist. The U.S. Army was pleased to provide me with an attitude adjustment. After the service I studied … more »
Lakewood, CO
Washington, DC
I was in Arlington schools from 3rd grade through 11th (Walter Reed, Nottingham, Williamsburg, W-L). I was part of the Class of 1960 until the summer of '59 when my family moved to Massachusetts.

I attended Earlham College and University of Chicago La… more »
View profile »Brent Price (Grampp)
Salt Lake City, UT
View profile »Phyllis Childers (Grant)
View profile »Gail VanAalst (Gray)
Manassas, VA
View profile »Victoria Topp (Graze)
Madison, WI
Arlington, VA
I moved back to Arlington in 1991. Am retired now and active in local archaeology. Around here I've worked mostly in Fairfax County under their professional archaeologists. Got to go to Cactus Hill several times. Most recently at the Galt site in Texas… more »
View profile »Loretta Stokes (Greene)
Friday Harbor, WA
My life choices have taken me to Providence (to attend Brown), Boston (to start my career in human resources at Harvard), San Francisco (to escape from all the snow and ice in New England), and finally the San Juan Islands in Washington state (to retire in… more »